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Applying for scholarships is overwhelming

But without scholarships, your ability to go to college is at risk.

Students should be able to focus on their education rather than worrying about how to pay for it.

We know it’s not fair.

Apply to scholarships with ScholarshipOwl

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Personalized vetted scholarship matches

Get matched to scholarships that are most relevant to you. View scholarship credibility scores to know where to focus your time and energy.

Apply without leaving the platform

The entire search, match and application process happens all in one place. You can even write, edit and proof your essays right in the platform!

Receive customized recommendations

Our smart system utilizes AI to generate scholarship recommendations tailored just for you, based on your profile and habits.

Quickly apply for similar scholarships

Each time you apply, our AI will suggest scholarships with a similar topic or requirement. You can even repurpose your essays to apply for them!

"Using ScholarshipOwl, I was able to find the HonorsGradU Design a Better Future Scholarship. Aligning with my interest I was able to win the scholarship. I think the “fit” factor is crucial when it comes to strategically applying for scholarships."

Testimonial of a ScholarshipOwl user (Sarah L.)

Sarah L.

Won $10,000 in scholarships

Those who earn scholarships aren’t just lucky

They use tools and strategies that give them an edge.

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Optimize your application strategy

Scholarship searches can be messy, but not with ScholarshipOwl. Sort and filter your matches. Favorite the scholarships you like best, and hide the ones you don’t.

ScholarshipOwl features

Track the status of your applications

You can monitor your applications in real-time. Be in control of your own financial future to ensure you can afford the college of your choice.

ScholarshipOwl features

Automatically apply for recurring scholarships

You’ll be automatically reapplied to scholarships that select multiple winners year-round so that you can focus on scholarships that truly require your attention.

Game the system with ScholarshipOwl

Earn scholarships with the only platform that truly boosts your chances. Focus your efforts, save time and get money for college.

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9 million students can’t be wrong

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So many students earn scholarships with ScholarshipOwl. You can too!

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“Using ScholarshipOwl compared to just searching for myself, saved me weeks of time, for sure.”

Jordan, T. Hughes

Won $6,000 in scholarships

"ScholarshipOwl does the searching for you, they do the eligibility match, they bring everything right to the table, so it's just going to save you hours of time. I applied to a few other scholarships before I had found ScholarshipOwl, but none of it ever came back to me. But by using ScholarshipOwl, I earned $6,000 within three months."

Testimonial of a ScholarshipOwl user (Jordan T. Hughes) Jordan T. Hughes

Won $6,000 in scholarships

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Increase your odds of earning scholarships

"I was so excited to start the journey of my college career, but every semester was a struggle to meet the funds as I hastily applied for scholarships. The FELDCO Windows, Sliding and Doors Scholarship finally allowed me to get through this semester, without being overly stressed about money."

Testimonial of a ScholarshipOwl user (Ariana B)
Ariana B.

Earned $1,000 in scholarships

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