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Through our AI-powered tools and technology, ScholarshipOwl connects students to the right scholarships that enable them to graduate debt-free.

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Our History

ScholarshipOwl launches ScholarshipOwl for Business as a revolutionary platform enabling brands to create, manage, and promote scholarship campaigns.

ScholarshipOwl begins creating a new platform to encourage businesses to offer scholarships to meet the needs of millions of students.

As the cost of college skyrockets, ScholarshipOwl develops a scholarship management system to support non-profits and businesses offering scholarships.

To enable students to focus on scholarships they have a better chance of winning, ScholarshipOwl leverages proprietary technology to develop an AI-powered recommendation system, similarity engine, credibility scores, sort & filter tools, and more.

ScholarshipOwl focuses on developing an improved matching system while also launching tools to help students organize and prioritize their matches.

ScholarshipOwl launches as a scholarship aggregator, enabling students to apply with just their profile data, avoiding repetitive application forms.

Applying for scholarships takes time and effort. Staying motivated is key.

Our platform makes it fun and easy to apply for scholarships, and helps students focus on scholarships they have the best chance of winning.

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Over 9 million students trust ScholarshipOwl to help them forge a more affordable path to college - and you can too!

So many students have earned scholarships with ScholarshipOwl!

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