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"A lot of students don’t love writing essays… We’ve got some really fun, creative kinds of scholarships that take maybe 10 to 15 minutes to apply for, where you can apply on TikTok, you can apply on Instagram. You can also apply to a lot of “no requirement” scholarships on our platform where you can click literally one button, and you’ve applied."

Student Advocate, ScholarshipOwl (Jennifer Finetti) Jennifer Finetti

Student Advocate, ScholarshipOwl

NBC 6 South Florida News review of ScholarshipOwl

Begging your teen to apply for scholarships is frustrating

But without scholarships, the dream of an affordable path to college may not be possible.

Helping your child plan for their future shouldn’t impact your own plans for retirement.

You've earned your future, and so can your child.

Finally, it’s fun and easy to apply for scholarships!

If you’re struggling to motivate your child to apply for scholarships, you’re not alone.

After all, there are so many things that students would rather be doing!

But with ScholarshipOwl, applying for scholarships is fast, easy, and fun!

We've got unique scholarships that truly resonate with Gen Z students, activating and inspiring them to apply:

  • Social media scholarships
  • Video scholarships
  • Visual art scholarships
  • Performing art scholarships
  • Essay scholarships about causes they care about
  • Survey scholarships
  • Easy one-button-apply scholarships

So many students earn scholarships with ScholarshipOwl. You can too!

"ScholarshipOwl does the searching for you, they do the eligibility match, they bring everything right to the table, so it's just going to save you hours of time. I applied to a few other scholarships before I had found ScholarshipOwl, but none of it ever came back to me. But by using ScholarshipOwl, I earned $6,000 within three months."

ScholarshipOwl user (Jordan T. Hughes) Jordan T. Hughes

Won $6,000 in scholarships

Personal Testimonial of a ScholarshipOwl user (Jordan T. Hughes)

Using ScholarshipOwl compared to just searching for myself, saved me weeks of time, for sure.

Jordan T. Hughes

Won $6,000 in scholarships

The only AI-powered smart system that boosts the chances of winning scholarships

Personalized vetted scholarship matches

No need to spend hours searching for scholarships that are right for your child. Our platform takes care of the search and match, so students can focus their time and effort on applying.

Receive customized recommendations

Our smart system uses AI to recommend best-fit scholarships, tailored to the student’s profile and interests. The more the student applies for scholarships, the more relevant their recommendations will be!

Automatically reapply

Be automatically reapplied for scholarships with multiple winners year-round. Students literally can apply for these scholarships without even logging in to the platform!

Quickly apply for similar scholarships

Each time the student applies, our AI will suggest scholarships with a similar topic or requirement. Repurpose essays to apply for them to get more done with less work!

ScholarshipOwl is the leading scholarship platform because it works!

Screenshot of the ScholarshipOwl dashboard

Powerful dashboard application tools save time, build confidence and streamline the application process

Optimize strategy

Sort and filter scholarship matches. Save the ones you like best, and hide the ones you don’t.

95% Credibility Score

Credibility scores

Focus time and energy on scholarships that are truly worth the time and effort.

See how many applied

Number of applications

Apply for scholarships with fewer applicants to boost the odds of winning.

Track Application Status

Monitor submitted applications in real-time. Keep track of the scholarships won, and always know where you stand!

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9 million students can’t be wrong

  • Trusted by millions of students and parents.
  • Access expert help and advice.
  • Highly rated with outstanding reviews.

"Using ScholarshipOwl, I was able to find the HonorsGradU Design a Better Future Scholarship. Aligning with my interest I was able to win the scholarship. I think the “fit” factor is crucial when it comes to strategically applying for scholarships."

Testimonial of a ScholarshipOwl user (Sarah L.) Sarah L.

Won $10,000 in scholarships

"I have found ScholarshipOwl to be extremely easy, convenient and helpful in locating the top scholarships. I was thrilled when I won the Ivey Engineering Scholarship, as not only does winning a scholarship help pay for college, but it also looks great on a resume."

Testimonial of a ScholarshipOwl user (Gregory M.) Gregory M.

Won $1,000 in scholarships

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Increase your odds of earning scholarships

"I was so excited to start the journey of my college career, but every semester was a struggle to meet the funds as I hastily applied for scholarships. The FELDCO Windows, Sliding and Doors Scholarship finally allowed me to get through this semester, without being overly stressed about money."

Testimonial of a ScholarshipOwl user (Ariana B.)
Ariana B.

Earned $1,000 in scholarships

ScholarshipOwl is the most powerful next-gen scholarship platform.

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